[CQ-Contest] Contesting in the 21st Century

Charles Fulp k3ww at fast.net
Mon Jul 28 19:47:38 EDT 1997

In spite of the  fact that I am very proud of my ability to copy pretty
fast CW, and CW under relatively tough conditions, I never was bothered by
guys making a few points, or giving me a QSO with the help of a code reader.  
I can envision using computer based code readers, to help me listen on
other bands, and at some point, maybe to pick out who I want to answer in a
With the right software, we might be able to hear guys come back to us thru
the never ending pile of folks calling rare stations.  I guess I just love
technology, and hope it can help keep me contesting for another 37 years or

In my most recent CQ, K1AR describes operating skills and strategy.  I
think he did a nice job, but in my personal view of "contesting" or
"radiosport", strategy is one of the operating skills, just like hearing
thru noise, and QRM, or knowing propagation.  Putting each individuals
unique collection of specific talents, skills, resources, location, time
and commitment together to produce the best possible score is what
contesting is about for me.  Incorporating new technology is just an
expansion of my strategic options.  If I were really into software, I might
want to get to the point where the setup could do everything; however, I
suspect the urge and need to set back and tweak, real time, will be there
forever.  If we get to the point where artificial intelligence flat out
exceeds ALL or MOST of our present array of contesting skills, then perhaps
we should stick such operations in the "assisted class".  While most us of
still perceive an inherent advantage to things like packet spotting,
unassisted single ops are still dominating the scoring.  I, for one, would
welcome the fully automatic stations into the assisted class.  I still am
rather sorry the original Single Op Unlimited name that the CQWW com mittee
started with, did not stick.  I think the class is a good place to stick
technology that is widely deemed out of bounds for a real single operator

73  Chas K3WW  k3ww at fast.net

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