[CQ-Contest] K7BV is the new Editor of the NCJ

David C. Patton mudcp3 at uxa.ecn.bgu.edu
Thu Jul 24 17:17:16 EDT 1997

In an interesting twist of fate I have accepted a job offer from
Chicago and will be leaving shortly.  One problem associated with my
move was the need to find a new Editor for the NCJ because I will not
have the time to devote to the magazine for quite a while.

Dennis Motschenbacher, K7BV (Ex AA7VB, KZ5M, and KA5CHW among others)
will take over the helm beginning with the November/December issue.
Dennis has a long background in contesting and DXing and especially
DXpeditioning, that give him a solid grasp of contesting today.  He
is an open-minded, enthusiastic, and very dedicated individual who
will do a terrific job.

As when I took over, and everyone before me, we ask for your help
with contributions, topic ideas, photo supplies, and most of all to
subscribe and help support the volunteer efforts of a most dedicated
crew of authors.

I hope to continue writing and helping with the NCJ in some form
because the NCJ is something I believe in--something that is
important and useful for contesting and ham radio in general.
Contesting seems to be at the forefront of so much of what is
happening in ham radio.  We are lucky to be a part of it.

The NCJ has a great group of columnists who I have enjoyed my short
time of work, and I thank them here: W9XT, K3RV, N0AX, N0JK, K8JP,
and W5ASP.  Thanks to present and past contest managers, K7GM, N6TR,
K6ZZ, K6AW, K5DJ, KA5WSS, and AG9A.  And thanks to some others who
helped me to get going:  AA5B, N5KO, and K1RO.

73, Dave Patton, W9QA


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