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Wed Jul 30 15:04:30 EDT 1997

Hi Dave,

I dont have all the details, but a friend of mine used to operate 9N1MM on
a regular basis.  He said that the best 10m antenna there was a little 1/4
vertical on the roof he put up temporarily  Often signals were rolling in
on the vertical when there was nothing on the horizontal yagi. (though this
was not Es...)  Same thing was true down in KP5 - one of the best antennas
we had was a makeshift 10m vertical in the water.  Did much better than the
yagi up on the hill.

On a similar question:  is anyone on the east coast familiar with winter
time 10m Es?  I seem to recall that there was a fairly common occurrence of
10m Es on the east coast between the south and north.  How late at night
can this occur in the winter ?- I seem to remember this usually happens in
the early evening after sunset.

Kenny K2KW/6

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