[CQ-Contest] Field Day is a Joke...

Joe Wade joe at execusoft.com
Mon Jun 30 18:39:15 EDT 1997


For those stations that "choose" to be ready for emergencies, this is a fun
way for them to get prepared to do so.  For those that just choose to have
fun, this is a great way to do so "and" provide a vehicle that helps those
that do want to be prepared.

Also, whether it was the intent of the group to be prepared for emergencies
or not, field day has some added benefits.  Equipment is tested for use with
generators and/or batteries; coax and connectors are put to the test;
antennas <for the most part> are erected using less than best methods most
of the time but eventually participants learn how to get them up the right
way; operators that seldom operate get to be involved with others that are
savvy operators; locations in a local area area are found to be
good/gread/bad/horrible or otherwise (bug infested!);  and finally the group
tests their planning skills.

Of course, not everyone out on field day is really preparing for
emergencies.  But Wow!, what an event.  The bands were alive and everyone on
was having a ball.  There were many young, many inexperienced operators
making contacts.  It was great.  I cherish and remember every single field
day outing I have ever been on.  Few activities in ham radio, if any, have
such a widespread positive impact on the hobby we love.

73, Joe W6YR

P.S.  Not a few great contest operators started as a result of this event. 

At 07:54 AM 6/30/97 -0400, you wrote:
>         An emergency situation huh? 

>        Field Day has strayed from its basic tenet of providing 
>an actual and real life emergency communications drill in 
>preparation for the real McCoy. 


>        I don't think filling up large fuel tanks, buying a few 
>cases of beer, having 2 or 3 dedicated cooks, and connecting to 
>the internet is going to be possible after a major disaster. 
>        Field day strayed away from the basic premise of 
>emergency communications on a dime and became just another 
>contest long ago. This is why I and many others I know, won't 
>get in on it. Field Day need a major overhaul!
>It has become a joke...
>            73 Ken n4uk
>      EM84xp South Carolina

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