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Doug Priest , W3CF / V26DX dpriest at bellatlantic.net
Thu Jun 5 12:18:05 EDT 1997

Randy Thompson wrote:

> One of my favorite subjects!  I wrote a complete article on this for the
> NCJ several years ago.
-----> Snip

Hi Randy..

One of the tricks I've used in keeping myself awake during cross country
driving is the old self inflicted pain routine.... I've used the same
technique in contesting and it seems to help but I've never gone a full
48 as I am usually in a multi op environment. I use the old style
clothes pin, the kind with the small spring to clip on the ear. It
smarts a little bit but keeps the mind sharp. If having the clothespin
on the ear does not do it you can move the clip to other body parts that
will most definitly do the job. 

I do wonder about illegal stimulants being used by our peers. We would
be insane to think that it does not happen. This is why it may be best
to compete against yourself and not worry about what the next guy is
doing. If they'll cheat with logs then one has to assume they'll cheat
in other ways, too.

73 es DX  de Doug

Douglas (Doug) Priest, W3CF
Have Heil......Will Travel

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