[CQ-Contest] Re: real sig rpts

Dick Dievendorff dieven at msn.com
Thu Jun 5 05:55:50 EDT 1997

I always send 599 because I've not learned to quickly LOG a different signal 
report (although I can easily send one).

Initially I was a little annoyed by the occasional received 579 report, but as 
I grew more confident with the software I got over it and now I take a small 
amount of pride in being able to deal with it in stride.  Now it doesn't 
matter to me what report I get, and sometimes it's a nice little diversion.  

I've also learned that getting pissed off in contests is a complete waste of 
time and emotional energy.

I feel as silly as you do teasing out a QSO after multiple repeats and then 
giving a 599 report....  It's funnier somehow in a phone contest.

I've learned to send two signal reports:

	599 implies "I can hear you".

	CQ TEST implies "I can't hear you well enough to risk losing this great run 
frequency digging you out. You seem to enjoy QRP much more than I do.  Call me 
back when you get a real antenna."

73 de Dick, K6KR

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