[CQ-Contest] Signal reports

Charles D. Shinn cshinn at connect.net
Thu Jun 5 08:52:46 EDT 1997

Perhaps we should remember that these contests have evolved from
a time when it was difficult to maintain equipment on the air for a period
of 48 hours. Not to mention that oftimes the reciever went one way and 
the xmitter went ( QSYed) the other. 48 hours with such hardship must
have been a challenge indeed. The operator test here was mearly to 
survive the experience.
Now the equipment operability is a given. Antennas and other accsessories
are just as reliable as the transcievers. The operator is the true element
under test, Should'nt contest dynamics be adjusted to reflect the change?
With all the emphasis on uniques and attention to accuracy it would seem
that the request for modernization is comming from the community 
at large. They simply havent been willing to step up to the plate and say
so. Perhaps historical records come into play; perhaps its egos.
Undoubtedly there are many reasons to not evolve but I cannot think of 
one serious reason not to improve the game. Lets challenge the

				Best, W7MAP
				Chuck said that.

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