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In a message dated 97-06-05 10:35:19 EDT, k1vr at juno.com (Fred Hopengarten)

<< If I were in front of a zoning board, I might point out that these
 antennas are so hard to see that retouching was deemed necessary by the
 manufacturer to avoid being unable to see the elements in their publicity
 photo. >>In a message dated 97-06-05 10:35:19 EDT, you write:


You make some extremely relevant points in today's restricitve antenna
environment.  I believe that a lot of work can be done by the manufacturers
to create a visual signature that will be the least offensive to an
increasingly hostile public.  Smaller tapered elements, use of black anodized
aluminum, streamlining bulky traps, and using smaller, but mechanically
stronger booms are all things that can be done to prevent complaints and

The new paradigm for buying an antenna may not be how well it works, but how
well it can be accepted by the neighborhood.  As I mentioned, there is a lot
of work to be done here by the manufacturers to create a visually acceptable
but electrically and mechanically effective antenna system.

73,  Paul, KB8N

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