[CQ-Contest] NCJ-Jul/Aug Contest DX-Ventures submissions

K7bv at aol.com K7bv at aol.com
Thu Jun 5 12:28:20 EDT 1997

We still have one day to update the Contest DX-Venture DXpedition listing to
include your planned trip.  If you are in the planning stage or have firmed
things up for a contest DXpedition in the next couple years, please drop me
an Email with details giving me the:

Who, Where, What Contest, What category, what call (if know).

We'll "put you on the list" to help avoid two of you stealthing up on each
other and blowing your front ends out from opposite ends of YV0 !

Dennis Motschenbacher  K7BV
Author - NCJ Contest DX-Ventures

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