[CQ-Contest] 599 etc.

binkrote at bsi.att.com binkrote at bsi.att.com
Thu Jun 5 15:48:09 EDT 1997

Those of you that are proponents of dropping the RST as redundant may 
have overlooked one small thing.  Most awards (WAS - DXCC etc.) need a 
signal report on the QSL card. (I don't know why).  Most casual 
operators, that make up the bulk of a serious contesters log, are 
operating as a means to acquire QSL cards.  If these contacts are 
indeed worthless to them, then maybe they just may not be in your log 
next contest.  Just trying to look at the coin from both sides

73' Bill K2NJ
k2nj at worldnet.att.net

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