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Dan Reese danreese at execpc.com
Thu Jun 12 00:16:24 EDT 1997

Back in October 1993:  I did not have to solder the 2.1 KHz SSB IR filter
(for the 8.83 KHz IF) into my TS-850 directly, but I did have to de-solder
the filter unit from the small PC board that it was attached to, flip it
around and re-solder it.  The PC board is supposed to align with the
existing filter connections inside the '850, and it was just plain
backwards.   There was no way it would fit.  Since this was my first time
with a soldering iron inside my precious radio, I called IRC and asked if
this was normal.  The response was along the lines of "well, sometimes a
few sneak out that way - just keep the heat to a minimum, and you won't
damage the filter."  CQ-WW phone was less than 24 hours away, I'm mildly
uncomfortable even soldering coax connectors, so I shelved my membership in
QCAO and did the deed.  I recall there was also some snipping of a pin or
two on the internal Kenwood filter connector - that made me just as

All went well, and in the end, I had a notable improvement - not huge, but
the comment previously made that to really see the slope tuning work in the
'850, install one of these filters.  It's true.

I've always been curious how a cascaded IRC 400 Hz CW 8.83 IF filter would
behave with my existing Kenwood 500 Hz 455 IF filter.  Anyone ever tried
such a combination?

73, Dan
danreese at execpc.com

> From: Lee Buller <k0wa at southwind.net>
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> Subject: [CQ-Contest] Re: intl radio filter
> Date: Tuesday, June 10, 1997 8:33 AM
> K7LXC Wrote............
> >In a message dated 97-06-09 00:01:44 EDT, ve4xt at mb.sympatico.ca (Kelly
> >Taylor) writes:
> >
> >> Hi. Anyone using International Radio crystal filters in a TS-850?
> >>  
> >>  Any comments regarding quality/performance appreciated, particularly
> >>  pertaining to contest operation or in comparison with the KW filters.
> >
> >    I've got a full complement of the IR filters in my 940 and they are
> >BEST investment you can make for your radio. They are FABULOUS! The 400
> >filters are sharp. You've never seen the Kenwood slope tuning work until
> >you've used it with the IR filters. Tuning out the low end growl from
> >adjacent signals on sideband is amazing. 
> >
> >     The Kenwood filters aren't even close in performance and
> >
> >73,  Steve   K7LXC
> Amen and Amen.  The above statement I can fully agree with.  The 400 Hz
> filters have an excellent shape factor...better than Kenwood's own.  The
> only down side is installation.  On my TS850 the instructions were to
> the units into place and that left me  scared spitless to do that in a
> rig.  Well, all went well...  If I ever upgrade and they are
> will put these filters in.
> Lee
> k0wa at southwind.net
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