[CQ-Contest] CQWW Awards

bob cox k3est at netcom.com
Wed Jun 11 12:36:35 EDT 1997

Dear Fellow Contesters,

This message is directed to those contesters who earned an award in
the CQ World Wide Contest in *1994 or earlier*. If you have NOT
received your award please send a message to: <awards at cqww.com>. 
In that message complete the following questions: 

1. YEAR of award?
2. MODE of award
5. The ADDRESS to which you want the award sent?

The CQWW has initiated NEW procedures to provide 1996 and future
CQWW winners with their awards in a timely manner.

There are many reasons for non-delivery of the award. The most
obvious one is the award was sent to the wrong address. 

The CQ WW Committee will try to resolve the problem by sending you
your award. But you have to let us know.

If your certificate was destroyed by your dog or eaten by your pet
snake, we may or may not have enough stock to replace it. If we can
we will. If we can't, we will let you know.

Keep your eye open for John, K1AR's Contest Column in CQ magazine.
He will provide a list of callsigns of certificates which have been
returned to CQ. If you see your call sign, contact:
<awards at cqww.com>.

You probably already have your 1995 award or you shortly will
receive it. For now, this message pertains to awards that you have
earned in 1994 or earlier, NOT 1995.

Please DO NOT send a message to the address on the header.


Bob, K3EST
Director CQWW

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