[CQ-Contest] An attempt to encourage real RSTs

Jim Stahl k8mr at worldnet.att.net
Thu Jun 12 01:57:43 EDT 1997

At 11:08 AM 6/9/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Hi contesters,
>everybody out of the group who likes to exchange real (with all the critical
>comments from K3WW in mind) or at least varying RSTs (e.g. at least a 559 to
>the stations we have had repeating the exchange 5 times) please JUST START TO
>DO IT. 
>73 Con DF4SA

As the (maybe) holder of the record for most non-59 signal reports in a
contest (about 1600 out of 1650 in the 1988 CQWW SSB) a word to those
considering JUST DOING IT :  it may be easy to program your CW making
machine, but programming your brain driven mouth to reliably say "FIVE
SEVEN" is quite another task.  When that double multiplier answers your call
through the big Sunday afternoon pileup, good luck with keeping enough cool
to reply "Thanks, your five seven oh four".

Jim Stahl   K8MR     k8mr at worldnet.att.net

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