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Ric Painter Ric.Painter at 12.collage.net
Thu Jun 12 07:23:14 EDT 1997

YU4NW|>can someone advise me on selecting right CW and SSB filters
YU4NW|>for my TS450S.  Heard that Kenwood filters are not the best
YU4NW|>on the market. If you can, please include info on pricing and
YU4NW|>place where I can order them. Also interested to hear
YU4NW|>expiriance voice on particular filter set.

Here's my experience, Peter.  I purchased the Kenwood YK-88C-1
500 Hz CW Filter for 8.83 MHz IF (US $104) and the Kenwood YK-88SN-1
1.8 kHz SSB Filter for 8.83 MHz IF (US $90) and have been very pleased
with how these cascade in my Kenwood 450S/AT Transceiver for 2 years.
I purchased both Filters and the Tranceiver from R&L Electronics
(at their Dayton Hamvention booth) 1-800-221-7735 or 1-800-524-4889.

I, too, have heard that there are better filters on the market.
These, though, have served me well and I have no complaints.  Of
course, I may have found a better wife, too, but I didn't have the
luxury of trying/testing every women available for a more objective
comparative analysis.  My circumstances have changed, however, and
I may begin trying/testing other available women.  Would you like
me to keep you abreast of my findings? :-)

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