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 French guys are not lucky ... it's the same for me ... no TM6P entry ... my
 log has been E-mailed to contest at arrrl.org too and I have even got an
 acknowledgement ! :-)
 What must I do ?
 Olivier - f5mzn (tm6p).

In the future you should ALWAYS back up your e-mail entry with at least a
paper summery sheet to the contest organizer (via snail-mail) stating that
the log was e-mailed *AND* ask for a QSL !

I've learned the hard way.  Every paper log I submit always has a SASP
(self-addressed stamped postcard) included.  With e-mail, there is no such
automatic way to get a receipt.  If your lucky the recepient will e-mail back
a confirmation, but no response is the rule and that always leaves one

This year the ARRL DX has listed claimed scores on their web page.  This is
an excellent method to check if your log was received.  All contest
organizers should do something similar.  Tis far better not to see your call
in the claimed scores, than not to see your call in the final results.

This next season, I will again be taking logs for the California Qso Party
(CQP).  Any paper logs with an SASP will be QSLed.  Those without, will be in
doubt.  Logs submitted via e-mail (ASCII only please) to cqp at contesting.com
or direct to AD6E at aol.com will be QSLed back via e-mail.  I will also endevor
to list claimed scores on the NCCC or possibly CQP web page one week before
the deadline for submitting logs.

Lost logs cannot be eliminated totally, but with a little thinking, the risk
of losing your logs can be dramatically reduced.

Any other ideas are welcome.

Al   AD6E at aol.com

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