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Dale Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Wed Jun 18 19:52:24 EDT 1997

On Wednesday, June 18, 1997 1:37 AM, Gary Letchford[SMTP:k0luz at ix.netcom.com] wrote:
>py2yp at pobox.com wrote:
>> Bill Turner wrote:
>> >
>> > Overheard during the recent ANARTS RTTY contest:
>> >
>> > Station 1:  "I NEED THE TIME IN UTC"
>> > Station 2:  "LOOK AT YOUR WATCH"
>> >
>> > 73, Bill W7TI
>> During the last ARRL phone a guy said to me:
>> 73 DX de PY2YP - Cesar
>> (ZZ2Z in the contests)
>During WW SSB contest in Caicos
>....big stateside pileup.....
>Us    "The K7 station?"
>Him   "That's Me!"

While in Texas QSO Party/MARAC CW County Hunters Contest
as a mobile station running through Texas, I worked a station: 
him: 599 ny ny
me: cty?
him: ny
me: ur cty? 
him: ny
me: county? 
him: ny
me: what is your county?
him: new york
me: Geez.  CQ test........

It turns out there IS a New York county in New York state.


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