[CQ-Contest] Got 6 meters?

Ken N4UK ramirezk at emi.com
Sat Jun 21 10:10:31 EDT 1997

   Here's a chance to test the 6m portion of that new HF+6M
rig you just bought! Get that new 6m antenna up in the air!
The "Internet 6M DX Contest" is fast approaching! The timeframe
of the conteest has historically been when the best, blowout 6M 
E skip openings have occurred! Plenty of plaques and 
certificates will be awarded in a (and the keyword is)"timely" 
fashion. The word on the street is that the Cuban Federation of 
Radio Amateurs is sending a Self addressed, stamped box for all 
3 DX plaques that they intend on winning! Any ther DX(EU,etc.) 
want to refute that claim?  Following are the complete rules and 
award sponsors.The latest issue of CQ also has the complet 
rules,etc.(Tnx K1AR!)
       73 Ken n4uk
 *** Announcing the First Annual Internet 6m DX Contest***

Objective- Work as many stations on 6 meters as 
possible, especially DX, in the allotted timeframe. Extra credit 
is given for those who work DX stations in far away grids. 
SSB/CW Only. See scoring below.

Eligibility- All Amateurs World Wide are eligible for awards.

When- Runs concurrently with the CQ World-Wide VHF Contest.
      - 12, 13, July 1997 for 30 Hours
      - Same start time/Ends 3 Hours later
      - Starts- 1800z on Sat. the 12th of July- 
      - Ends-   2359:59z on Sun. the 13th of July

Exchange- Callsign and Grid square

Awards- Plaques to the top finishers in each sponsored category.
 Certificates to the top 5 finishers in each category.
 Plaques will be awarded to the first place finisher in each
 category if that award is sponsored.

 Single Operator     - USA/VE and DX
 Single Operator QRP - USA/VE and DX
 Multioperator       - USA/VE and DX
 Rover               - USA/VE or DX

Plaque Sponsors 1st Place-
 Single op. W/VE     - N0JK Jon K. Jones
 Single op. W/VE QRP - WA8WZG Tom Whitted
 Multioperator W/VE  - W7EW/W7AT Lew Sayre
 Single op. DX       - KB5IUA John Godwin
 Single op. DX QRP   - WA8WZG Tom Whitted
 Multioperator DX    - ND3F/R + K5TR
 Highest Multipliers - C3I Antennas (Special Certificate)
 Rover               - W4VHF Ted Goldthorpe
     The 1st place ROVER finisher will also be awarded a KB6LQ 
6M Miniloop- Sponsor- W4VHF

Category Description-
      - Single operator-  One operator performs all logging and 
operating functions of the station. Multipliers can be passed 
from other VHF bands if desired. A single operator means the 
same operator for the duration of the contest.
      - Single operator QRP- same rules as above but limited to
        10 watts or less R.F. output.
      - Multioperator- 1 or more operators. Having a second 
operator searching for multipliers, the use of a packet spotting 
network, or the use of relief operators places you in the 
multioperator category. Only one transmitted signal at a time is 
allowed. Passing from other bands is allowed. 
      - Rover-  1 or 2 ops QRV from a minimum of three(3)grids 
Portable or Mobile only.
 - Each qso in your continent is worth 1 point.
 - QSOs with stations outside your continent count 3 points. For
this contest, North America is USA/VE only! I.E. W/VE count 
C6, KP4, CO, etc as 3 pointers. KP4, CO, C6, etc. count W/VE 
as 3  points. 
 - 10 qso points for every unique grid field worked.   
   (EM, FM, FN, FL, DN, IM, etc., etc.)
 - Multipliers are unique grid squares the first time they
are worked plus each unique ARRL DXCC country the first time
it is worked including W/VE.
 - Count your own country for credit the first time it is    
 - Final score: Add qso points plus bonus points and multiply   
the sum times the total of grids plus dxcc countries worked.

 Example- W1XXX works 300 qsos (290x1 W/VE+10x3 DX contacts) and 
the FN, FM, EM, EN, EL, FL, DN, IO, and IM grid fields for 9 
grid fields equalling 90 bonus points. 290+30+90 = 410 qso 
points. He also has worked 125 grids and the following DXCC 
countries: C6, VE, W, EA, CT3, G and CO for 7 dxcc countries for 
a total of 125+7 = 132 multipliers.
 410 x 132 = a score of  54,120

W2XXX works 400 qsos (398 USA/VE + 2 DX contacts)
 but only 7 grid fields and 4 dxcc countries 
 and 100 grids. 398+6+70=474 x104 mults
 His score is- 49,296
    It pays to work DX and weak signals! The FIRST unique
    DXCC country in a new grid field is worth 13 qso points
    and 2 mults!

-*Rovers Only*- 
Calculate the points and multipliers as for the other categories 
FOR EACH GRID SQUARE operated from. Then add up the QSO points 
per grid square and multiply by the sum of the multipliers per 
grid square to give the final score.
W4XYZ/R operates from EM84, EM85 and EM95.

EM84:  100 QSO points    50 multipliers
EM85:   50 QSO points    25 multipliers
EM95:   50 QSO points    30 multipliers
Score: 200 QSO points x 105 multipliers = 21,000 points 
Logs- Logs must be postmarked not later than 30 days after the 
last day of the contest. The ASCII log can also be sent    
via the internet to ramirezk at emi.com. No digital files     
please.(CT.bin,etc) ASCII logs can be sent as a Mime
encoded attachment. A signed summary sheet is also required.
                The log checking committee will consist of 
volunteers that are very active 6 meters ops. Entrants will 
lose an extra multiplier for each incorrectly logged unique 
multiplier. Entrants will lose an extra qso for each incorrectly 
logged qso.

  Miscellaneous- The use of: repeaters, remote receive 
sites, illegal power, improperly adjusted transmit equipment, 
the DX window (50.100-50.124) by non DX, etc. is deemed not in 
the spirit of the rules of the contest. Please do not "read" 
into the rules. 
           All station equipment must be located on the confines 
 of the station owner's property or within a 150 meter radius
              Send disks or paper logs to- 
                Internet 6m DX Contest  
               2131 Woodruff Rd. 2100-250
              Greenville, South Carolina 29607
         After submitting your CQ W-W VHF log to the sponsor you 
can just separate the 6m log and re-score it to reflect the 
different multiplier, bonus point values and score. This will be 
very simple to do! Anyone participating in the CQ W-W VHF 
Contest is eligible to send in an "Internet 6M DX log"!
         Please pass this info along to all your 6 meter friends 
and disseminate to other 6m newsgroups and newsletters.
                        Good luck to all!

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