[CQ-Contest] Humor at N5AU, it worked!

Dale Jones K5MM ddjones at nas.com
Sat Jun 21 08:09:52 EDT 1997

                              Humor at N5AU

        Several years ago when Gordon Fogg, N5AU, had his station
        running big time...when K5FUV was still in Texas...a humorous
        event occurred at the end of a DX-SSB test.  

        9Q5 station, on 20 SSB, working stations by call district, with
        only 5 minutes to go before end of contest:

        9Q5 stn:         Listening for stations with 2 in call (big pileup)
        N5AU 20 mtr op:  This is    N 2+3 AU    N 2+3 AU
            note:  Lots of 'hissing' from the pile-up too!
        9Q5 stn:         Who is the AU station?
        N5AU:            This is N2+3AU  and that equals N5AU
        9Q5 stn:         Big laugh, N5AU you're 5x9 zone 35
        N5AU:            Thanks, you're 5x9 04   de  N5AU!!

        Much laughter by all the guys in the shack at N5AU too!! He's
        in the LOG.  Strategy a bit questionable, but it WORKED!!!

        Dale  K5MM

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