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Sat Jun 21 17:54:26 EDT 1997

Hello Jack,

Sniped from the DXbase97 site:
The requirement to insert the CD occasionally will be retained; however,
we will significantly reduce
the number of times that it is requested. We expect that the frequency
of the request will be reduced
to 2 or 4 times per month. We will expand the number of files that are
checked to include some
system files that are not currently checked. We believe this approach
will address the concerns
expressed by legitimate users and will preserve our desire to identify
changed files. We regret the
inconvenience that this issue has caused our customers. Tell us what you
think via email. 

I have been a DXbase user since the very first release as you may know.

I have not yet received my copy. No problem. Yesterady I went to PY2RO's
home and saw the DXbase97. I did not like it. DXbase for DOS is, or at
least used to be, a masterpiece software. It was fast, reliabe and tbe
most important of all, it *respects* the user, or should I say? The

On the other hand DXbase97 is a fat and lazy application. It works
fairly. Some of those important stuffs were lost, managers, inputed by
the user, database , rotor control, CW annoucement and so on. Yes I can
handle that, of course, I'm a DXbase user at all...

When the application asked me (several times during the testing session)
to insert the CD I have felt like a smuggler. This I can't handle.

OK. I know that have a lot of piracy around. I know all that difficult
to written an Windows 97/NT application. I can understand all that

I'm real sorry Jack but I can not handle that. I CAN NOT ADMIT you may
think that I am a potencial smuggler. I strong believe that you made
this protection accordingly with your potential acts or at least
accordingly to your belief.

Sorry about that Jack but if you are not able to solve the
"synchronization process" I have to say that you are in the wrong

Again Jack I'm real sorry to say, but, accordingly with my belief I'm a
honest man all the time and NOT 2 OR 4 TIMES PER MONTH. I'm very
disappointed with you.

So, Jack, I kindly ask you to solve the "synchronization process"
otherwise I'll quit DXbase for ever.

73 DX de PY2YP - Cesar
(ZZ2Z in the contests)
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