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K3UOC at aol.com K3UOC at aol.com
Tue Jun 24 08:20:20 EDT 1997

I'd like to thank all of you who wrote supporting my position regarding
disqualification from the 1996 All Asian Contest.  I appreciate your thoughts
and comments.  If you missed the initial posting, you can find it at

There are things happening here.  Sei Morikawa, JF1SQC tells me that the JARL
Contest Committee is reopening their discussion of disqualifications in the
1996 AA. If you have any further thoughts on the subject, Sei is soliciting
comments from the contesting community.  He will, in turn present any
comments he receives to the JARL Contest Committee.  What notes have been
sent to me I consider private correspondence, so I will not share these with
the Contest Committee.  Sei's address is  <morikawa at miya.fujifilm.co.jp>. 

A good friend, in the know, tells me that there were actually forty-four (44)
"check logs" listed for the AA CW Contest.  I find myself in good company
alongside AH6JF, JF1SEK, K2SX, K7JYE, N6RO, W5ASP, and W7OM, among others.

Again, thanks for your support. 


                                                                  K3UOC at 7Z5OO

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