[CQ-Contest] DXBase 97 -- Getting Even Better!

Patrick Dayshaw patd at eskimo.com
Tue Jun 24 09:07:20 EDT 1997

Given the number of "pirated" (read stolen) copies of 
software I see floating around Ham Shacks is it any wonder 
the little guys who do it as a small business/hobby need to 
charge for everything?  I'm not saying some of the vendors 
don't overcharge, but I can't believe that the 
pirating/theft doesn't discourage lots of talented 
programmers from even developing a product much less 
encourage them to be generous with their support and the 
"minor" upgrades.  How many guys do you know with $10K+ in 
gear (a very wimpy station these days) who are running 
pirated software that costs $70 when purchased legally?

If you're going to cater to Hams for software you can only 
do it because you love it, not because you think you're 
going to get rich... even the hardware vendors are on the 
edge in terms of making a living.  Every time a copy gets 
pirated/stolen it makes it that much more likely we won't 
have the software we want.  It's really amazing, if someone 
rips-off a $70 microphone we want to throw the SOB in jail 
(or worse), yet when someone steals a $70 contesting 
program the next guys says "Can I have a copy of that too?"

patd at wolfenet.com

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Maybe I'm the only one, but while I really liked DOS DXbase 
as a product,
I've been unhappy with the support.

I shelled out what I consider above average bucks at Dayton 
for version 4.5
(2 years ago?).  Shortly afterward they started selling an 
upgrade which
provided FT1000MP support and some other minor features for 
something like
$35 if I remember correctly.  I really resent being nickel 
and dimed to
death.  I cant fault any software manufacturer for 
collecting new money for
major upgrades, but interim bug fixes, new radio 
interfaces, database
updates, and things of that nature should be free or just 
$5 for shipping
or whatever. They should also be available in a very timely 
Actually in this day and age, if you are a software vendor 
and dont have
some form of easy online support, you dont deserve to 

 I'm still using v4.5, but I'm in the process of switching 
over to DX4WIN.
Their package is very powerful and versatile, with online 
support, and a
reasonable purchase price with lots of free upgrades/fixes. 
 In addition,
they are readily available via internet for any technical 

73, Tyler K3MM

"...have you had your Daily DX today?"

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