[CQ-Contest] RE: AA Contest-Check Logs

Art & Linda Hubert n2au at lightlink.com
Tue Jun 24 19:05:39 EDT 1997

Dear Mr Kumagai, JE1CKA

To have 17% of the entrants logs not quite disqualified, but considered 
as check logs, I would think be a little alarming to the AA Contest 
committee.  After speaking with Mike, 7Z5OO, on the matter, he states 
that a CT log entry was accepted last year without the signal report 
sent, but this year the committee decided to disqualify such logs for a 
possible award.  If the committee did not send out a warning letter that 
the CT program would not meet their criteria, I believe they have done a 
great injustice to those who decided to operate in the AA Contest.  Can 
the AA contest afford to lose 17% or more of their entries??  I don't 
think so.
After looking at your rules, I see nothing that states CT software is 
not valid for your contest. The contest committee, knew of this problem, 
but failed to rectify it. To ask for a signal report and in this case 
your age to be repeated on the logsheet really is meaningless.  
The AA Contest committee should re-instate these entries and put the 
contest community on notice that the CT program does not meet their 

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