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William Scholz w1hij at contesting.com
Wed Jun 25 09:04:10 EDT 1997


I found myself this year in the same situation (FD Chairman for the Orange
County RACES Group). In previous years the group had used either NA or CT,
but my "software of choice" is TR, so----

What I did was to make up a little "script sheet" that described what
operators would have to do (in terms of pushing keys) to log a qso on CW and
SSB. Then these were passed out at one of our meetings, so that people could
get familiar with them.

The interesting reaction from people after they read it was .... "Hell,
that's easy.... no problem....."

I know it's a little late for you to do that now, but your idea of a "cheat
sheet" is a good one. Also consider making up a template for the keyboards
as a reminder. (Although my experience says that after the first 5 or 10 Q's
it's not really needed.)

>Now, given the fact that (1) absolute newbies to TR Log would be 
>sitting down in high-rate situations to operate it, (2) a quick-lookup 
>sheet would be made up to help find commands/procedures, and 
>(3) there may be no one around at 0830Z to help, what do you think 
>about using TR Log in this situation?  
These situations are always going to exist for any piece of software. Given
that fact, then I think success is a lot more likely with TR (because of
it's inherent simplicity) than any  of the other "full featured" (is that
like "full figured"??) software out there. Besides.... There should be a
procedure for your ops that if something happens that they don't understand
and they think they screwed up a record----MAKE NOTES!  One of the great
things abt TR is the ease with which you can go into the files and edit if
you need to.
>Should I push for TR Log at the stations instead of NA?  
No doubt about it----You'll be glad you did!

73, Bill
Newport Beach, CA

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