[CQ-Contest] RFI/IBM Aptiva - possible solution

John Nicholson dx at netbridge.net
Wed Jun 25 16:46:13 EDT 1997

For contesters who are experiencing RFI in their PC's...

I have been wrestling w/ 20 meter RFI into the sound board of a 166Mhz
IBM Aptiva for some time...some of you know the story. Anyhoo, 
I purchased a new Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 and will
install tonight...however...

...after going over the SoundBlaster installation guide, it
dawned on me that a simpler solution might have been overlooked. I
won't know 'til I get home and test it. The sound board has
four jacks: mic, line in, line out and speaker. Like a dummy,
I have been plugging the speakers into SPEAKER. But the
speaker jack is an AMPLIFIED output for non amplified speakers.
The speakers I have been having interference on are AMPLIFIED.
so I should have had these speakers plugged into the LINE OUT low
level output. This may be the root of my problem, having an 
amplified output as the input into a pair of externally amplified

...maybe this 'discovery' will help others...I'll try it
tonight before I install the new Sound Blaster replacement board
and give a full report...

73 John K7FD

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