[CQ-Contest] AA: stop WHINING

Douglas Zwiebel KR2Q at worldnet.att.net
Thu Jun 26 00:35:18 EDT 1997

I'm really having some trouble believing what I
am reading here.  Some entrants are upset that
a contest sponsor HAS THE NERVE to run a contest
that CT doesn't support?  GET REAL guys/gals!
Since when is CT (or any other software) THE
STANDARD for how contests should be crafted?
Look...if it is in the RULES and your software
doesn't support it, but you want to ENTER or
even be competitive....THEN FOLLOW THE RULES
and find another way (paper?).  I must say that
thinking (and I use the term loosely) that since
CT is so "common" and therefore its format would be
accepted in lieu of the REQUIRED format is BEYOND
the bounds of rational logic.  Why do you think
they (any sponsor) publish RULES?

Having stated that, allow me to quickly add that
certain sponsors (AA & JAIDX included) seem to take
things TOO seriously.  Or perhaps it is just my
Western Culture getting in the way.  I know that
one year a winning country log was submitted.  Instead
of the PRINTED coversheet (which was REQUIRED), this
entrant made his own coversheet.  His log was DQ'ed
for not having the right coversheet.  He was upset
(no, it wasn't me), but he did it RIGHT the next time;
he didn't quit and he didn't go a campaign to have
them CHANGE THEIR rules.

The point is, rules don't have to make SENSE to the
ENTRANT.  The entrant can either follow the rules
or not....nobody is FORCING you to play.  And as for
stating that "they should have warned us that they
want us to follow the rules" strikes me
as just SO typical of the current American "it ain't
my fault" attitude.  Hey folks...step up to the plate!
If you miss the ball, it's NOT your because your mother's
kindergarten teacher yelled at her and that affected her
ability to bring you up in a loving environment, which
caused you to have difficulty concentrating in stressful
situations.  Yatta yatta yatta.

de Doug  KR2Q

PS  These opinions are my own.  You can choose to ignore them
if you like.  I don't need FLAMES telling me HOW MANY guys AGREED
with YOUR opinion.  These are just OPINIONS...not a VOTE.

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