[CQ-Contest] QDC=lost qso+penalty

Douglas Zwiebel KR2Q at worldnet.att.net
Thu Jun 26 00:35:16 EDT 1997

There is no excuse to not sign at least every 3 qso's.  Every
qso is better.

This is a BIG reason why many guys lose a qso or even a multiplier.
If you are a needed mult (either a local or on a DxPed there), you
KNOW you are going to be spotted often on packet.  If the guy who
spots you on packet GETS YOUR CALL WRONG [...oh, does that happen?]
then EVERYBODY who calls you from that spot and does NOT hear you
sign your call will GET YOUR CALL WRONG.  Guess what...all those
guys will show up as N calls in the MULT stn's log and the Contest
Committee could deduct the call YOU (the caller) have entered in your
log and you could LOSE the mult (he will show up as an N call in ur log)!

In other words, it's a double edged sword.  If the mult (or running)
station doesn't sign their call, they could lose some (all?) of those
qso's generated by packet (as outlined above).  And the eager packeteers
will NOT have the needed mult they thought they did, and will not
only lose the qso/mult, but get a penalty to boot!

DX stations (runners/mults) often think they are doing great because
they APPEAR to generate a pileup without having to sign for 5 or 10 (or 25?)
qso's.  They may be deluding themselves...it could be blind callers
from packet.

I (and pbly most others who listen around) have also heard a MULT qsy
from freq ##.### and that freq. is IMMEDIATELY taken by another station.
But the packeteers (?) don't know that.  They dump it in, get a 59(9)xx 
(this happens on phone & cw) and LOG IT without ever hearing the
callsign.  Hurts both parties.  This is EASIER to track now that logs
often have exact frequencies shown.

The moral is:  1) sign your call often (runner)
               2) don't log a station if you don't hear AND confirm
                  his call YOURSELF (caller)

de Doug  KR2Q
KR2Q at worldnet.att.net

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