[CQ-Contest] Re: N6RO - 77 ALL-ASIA "CHECKLOGS"

Ken Keeler kenkeeler at jazznut.com
Wed Jun 25 21:15:32 EDT 1997

To: K3UOC, JE1CKA, N2UA, KH7U, and others conerned with the 1996 AA
"check-logs"/disqualification issue:

When I first read Mike's first posting about his "disqualification," in the
1996 AA CW, I thought to myself, oh dear, I used CT in that contest too.
Sure enough, when Tack's posting with the list of 77 appeared, there I was.
 I, too, became angry with the handling of the entries with seemingly
incomplete entries.   I didn't spend (waste) as much of that weekend as
Mike and other all-band entries, but I did spend two nights trying to hear
5-10 watt JAs through the summer static and powerline noise on 80m. Thanks
to those 5 watters I managed about 120 Qs in a single band entry.  I don't
know how that stacks up against other entries because I have not seen the
results yet.  One of the enjoyable aspects of competing is viewing the
results/standings many months (years?) later.

The All-Asia contest has been a favorite of mine since the early 1970s when
I first moved to CA.  The NCCC even organized intra-club teams to promote
activity on the US side.  Nowadays, we still QSO many of the same calls
logged back then, except their age has advanced about 26 years!  I actually
don't mind the AGE part of the sent exchange (599 serves only as an alert
to get ready to copy the age number.)

Overall participation in AA has diminished over the past 20 years for many
reasons, but I hope this situation does not accelerate further decline.
The decision by the JARL contest committee on the 1996 incomplete logs (as
explained by Tack, who is NOT on this committee) may be justified by the
"letter of the law" reasoning.  However, the way they handled the situation
seems rather arbitrary and arrogant.  There are ways, and then there are
ways, to do or say things.  I couldn't help relating  this issue to the
"unfortunate" remarks by the Japanese Prime Minister yesterday, which threw
the world stock markets into the tank.  The markets will recover, and most
of us will enter the All Asia contest again.  I do hope that the JARL
Contest Committee reconsiders the 1996 entries.  We users of CT and other
Contest software have been "cautioned" sufficiently about taking care to
include all required information on our future entries.

Thanks to Tack for helping to explain one side, and I hope Mike reconsiders
his decision to not enter again.  I suspect that decision will be based on
what JARL does with this controversy.  Now, does anybody want to talk about
the 75 Meter JA "window" issue?

73,  Ken,  N6RO    Please note email address change.
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