[CQ-Contest] msgs re: "My email has changed" or "Hey Joe are you there?"

Bill Fisher - W4AN w4an at contesting.com
Wed Jun 25 18:34:40 EDT 1997

Please <<<<PLEASE>>>> do not send messages like this to a reflector.  99% 
of the people on the reflector do not even know you, not to mention that 
they dont care about your email address changing.  

There are many ways of tracking down and updating your email address so 
that others can find you or you can find them:

1.  WWW.QRZ.COM - Has email registry for EVERYONE in the USA online.  All 
you have to do is enter yourself there. 

2.  WWW.CONTESTING.COM - Has email database that is quite large now.

Both places allow you to update your email address if it has changed.

Thanks for your support.

Bill, W4AN

PS...  I didn't mean to pick on anyone here.  This has been happening 
again more frequently.  

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