[CQ-Contest] AA: stop WHINING

VS97BrettGraham vr2bg at harts.org.hk
Fri Jun 27 13:50:45 EDT 1997

N6RO lamented:

> Overall participation in AA has diminished over the past 20 years for many
> reasons, but I hope this situation does not accelerate further decline.

Between the bottom-of-cycle conditions & a poor station, nowadays AA is
no fun for at least not-run-of-the-mill-Asian places like VS6 because our CQs
are answered by JAs & UA9s & even when I S&P, all I hear are big gun
JAs & UA9s calling CQ.

Even at the top of the last cycle, probably somewhere near one third of those
who called me were other Asian stations.

I don't mind working folks during a contest which don't help me with the
contest, but it seems that AA is the worst for this & therefore I can't get all
that into it.

If there aren't a few juicy Asian stations on in the contest, then folks outside
Asia (W6s & 7s, at least) eventually get bored with running JAs & UA9s... then
there are fewer stations for the Asians who do get on to work & eventually we
arrive at where we are today.

73, VS97BrettGraham

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