[CQ-Contest] CQ WW SSB Contest from Grenada

Harry Flasher hflasher at dayton.net
Thu Jun 26 20:53:04 EDT 1997

Due to various reasons I only have 2.1 (.1 is for a 10% possibility)
with strong commitment for this trip.  The location can handle a multi-
multi op (7th or 8th in 1996 contest).  

Before we just go ahead with a small op, I thought I'd see if there is
sufficient interest with commitment to paln another multi-multi.

Based on costs last year, your costs for the Island would be in the $600 
range (shared hotel roomm, car rental, food and site costs).  Airfare 
from the Midwest is in $600 range and usually requires stayover in Fla. 
or San Juan.  East Coast can make it in one day.  Probably about another 
$100 for room, taxi... on stay over.

For anyone interested, please E-mail me or call 937-434-9616.  Harry 
W8KKF (J37K)

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