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Thu Jun 26 17:54:54 EDT 1997

While web browsing this afternoon I came across a web site offering an
online RF Exposure Calculator. Use of it may put many at ease rather than
the initial panic.


                 Calculation Results
With 1,500 watts and a 10.6 dbi gain with ground reflections, at 75 feet
from the antenna center, the estimated power density is 0.6714 mw/cm^2.
At 14.000 MHz, the maximum permissilbe exposure (MPE) in controlled
environments is 4.60 mw/cm^2. The MPE in uncontrolled environmenets is
0.92 mw/cm^2. This installation would meet the controlled MPE limit at
28.73 feet and the uncontrolled MPE at 64.18 feet.

73, Bob Reed, W2CE
    Toms River, New Jersey

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