[CQ-Contest] Re: [TowerTalk] How Important is F/B?

Charles Fulp k3ww at fast.net
Sat Jun 28 10:50:33 EDT 1997

At 07:15 PM 6/27/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Hmmmm.  I thought we were all using one low beam pointed SW that
>automatically switches in on transmit and out on receive.  That's
>a lot more persuasive than than the method you mention Bill!  But
>don't worry...I'm sure you learn the REAL tricks soon enough.  :-)
>[no, this is NOT a joke]
>de Doug  KR2Q
>>I dont know anyone that is serious about contesting in the northeast that 
>>is optimizing antennas with no concern for F/B.  Everyone I know is 
>>trying to maximize it.  
>>If I lived there, I'de be trying to make the W4's as weak as possible.  
>>That way when you need a good frequency, you can just find a W4 and 
>>start CQing until he goes away.  Sorry if this breaks any copy right laws 
>>of the YCCC, FRC, or PVRC.  :)  
>>Bill, W4AN

Doug is correct on this one.  At the very least N3RS works
SERIOUSLY on forward gain AND F/B. (but Bill may not know
him that well.)

73 Chas K3WW

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