[CQ-Contest] Re: Azden HS03 headset

Ken N4UK ramirezk at emi.com
Sat Jun 28 11:34:59 EDT 1997

 Hi Bob, Contest reflector
         The Azden HS-03 Boom Mic/Headset falls somewhere in 
between the Heil proset and the bigger Heil unit. It covers your 
ears but doesn't swallow them up. They are VERY comfortable. In 
the 3 years I have owned them they have not torn or broken.(and 
I have dropped and yanked on them many times) The headset comes 
supplied with a 1/4 inch phono plug for receive audio and a  
1/8th inch plug for Mic audio. They also throw in an 8 pin mic 
plug. All you have to do is make an adapter with the 8 pin plug 
wired for your particular rig and an 1/8th inch phono JACK on 
the other end. I also wired in an RCA phono jack for 
PTT/footswitch. I believe this scheme follows the Heil scheme as 
far as using the 1/8th inch phono plug for Mic audio. 
          A caveat! I replaced the mic element with the Heil DX 
element on both units. I already owned 2 Heil elements from the 
old Heil lighweight units I owned years ago.(YUCK!) If you 
already have the elements then you are in fine shape. If you 
don't then you'll spend 30 bucks more for a Heil element. The 
Azden element is ok but it is equivalent to the Heil standard 
element. I like the extra punch of the Heil DX element.But 80.00 
dollars total is still 50 bucks cheaper! Changing out the 
element is a piece of cake!
 73 Ken N4UK

On Sat, 28 Jun 1997, Bob Schreibmaier <k3ph at dxis.monroe.pa.us> 
>I saw your note on the Azden headphones.  Just one question,
>as I'm not familiar with them.  Is the earpiece big enough
>for the ear to fit inside?  The Heil Micro ProSet is unable
>to do this and the regular Heil ProSet (which is big enough)
>seems to have a habit of tearing right by the ear cushions.
>Oh yes, I wonder if there is any problem interfacing with
>Icom radios.  Make that two questions.  8^)
>Thanks in advance.
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         73 Ken n4uk
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