[CQ-Contest] NEW ERA IS HERE!!!

Klimoff Timo timo.klimoff at ktm.vn.fi
Mon Jun 30 09:54:11 EDT 1997

Charles Fulp:
>It has happened officially!  K1TTT entered FD in the 0D  
>class.  He was working packet from home, using commercial power and NO
>transmitter.  I have a pretty good idea that he was going in via the
>internet and his computer, sans the formality of a radio connection.  I
>tried to find a path to
>hassle him, but if I did, he did not bite.  He exchanged
>FD reports via DX spots just like many of the guys were doing.
Packet Cluster(tm) how it is supposed to work, with very slick TALK
>messages quite workable.  However:the workarounds that have been employed,
>seem to get information thru the system, even though it certainly is a
>major waste of bandwidth.  It may be a good test of the robustness of our
>links. Nothing smoked at my node.   
>73 Chas K3WW  

Well, I am not active user of PacketCluster but when I checked OH2BUA's
Internet DX Cluster during the weekend, it looked like a total chaos.
It was like it especially for CY9AA chasers!
CQ FD spots were rolling in , 5 per minute ;-)

K1DG's scenario is coming alive. The winner will have 500000 connections
instead of X qsos!!;-)


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