[CQ-Contest] Raves for TRLog

William Scholz w1hij at contesting.com
Mon Jun 30 10:07:09 EDT 1997

Hi Gang,

Quick testimonial for TRLog. We ran four stations for FD for the Orange
County (CA) RACES Group as N6YL. (2 HF, 1V/UHF, and 1 packet). Had about
1000 Q's total.

Each station had it's own copy of TRLog(V 6.05) running (not networked).
Hardware ranged from a 16MHz 386 to a 166MHz Pentium, and included two
laptops (one being a Powerbook). There were no problems (except for the time
when a generator ran out of fuel while one of the computers was writing to

Of the 20 or so people who operated only 3 had ever used TRlog before. Quite
a testimonial to the "intuitiveness" of the software and the user interface.

Most interesting was the fact that the Powerbook installation had both a
packet program and TRlog running simultaneously in separate windows (TRlog
was in a "virtual PC" window) and there were no problems.

Thanks Tree for what has to be not only the easiest to use serious
contesting program around, but one that exhibits a fantastic "robustness".

73, Bill, W1HIJ

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