[CQ-Contest] YURI-nation

Douglas Zwiebel KR2Q at worldnet.att.net
Thu May 1 15:01:45 EDT 1997


You just don't seem to be getting the idea, so here it is
in black and white.  You have burned a lot of bridges behind
you and there are (apparently) lots of folks still upset
about it.  Certainly, you have put good hams, such as Tack,
in a very bad situation, especially in cultures where honor
plays such a big role.  ["honour" for friends of the Queen]

I find it appalling that you feel compelled to bring up the
Contest Hall of Fame "copyright" as an "issue."  It just so
happens that I am the guy who decided who have a CQ Contest
Hall of Fame.  As you recall (you were there!) it was the
occasion of K2GL's 80th birthday party.  Perhaps your "kind"
and "forgiving" manner at that time prevented you from claiming
rights to it; you even wrote up a big article covering it
in your magazine!  I would also note that you were the only
guest who was NOT invited, but showed up as a "representative
of the ham press," which we all accepted.  If you could see your
way "past" this "violation" of YOUR Hall of Fame then, why do you
bring it up now?  WHAT ARE YOU GAINING BY IT?  Take it from me,
you are NOT gaining anyone's respect or admiration.

We've all had a past that we might be proud of and when history is
discussed, I'm sure that the razor beam and all of your VE contest
records will be remembered.  But this is a CURRENT forum.  Please
add to it with information that is useful TODAY.  You don't win
any friends (and you can't afford to lose any still out there) by
bitching about the sad events of your past.

I don't hold any hostilities toward you Yuri; I never did.
Please take this as advice and move FORWARD.

de Doug  KR2Q

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