[CQ-Contest] CQ Paris France. Guest opr?

Dick Wilder K3DI wilder at abs.net
Fri May 2 10:58:50 EDT 1997

Est-ce que mon mari peut operer votre station pres de Paris comme F/K3DI
pendant le contest WPX CW le 24 ou 25 Mai 1997?  Repondez s'il vous plait
au moyen de wilder at clark.net.  Cordialement, Martha, N3FZB
                          _ . . . _
My XYL, Martha, and I will be on vacation in France starting 10 May.
I would like to operate the WPX CW HF contest as F/K3DI a few hours on 24
or 25 May.  F/K3DI is "F0" which may be a rare prefix.  
A small station near Paris is fine.  We will use the Paris Metro and RER.
I will have a 144/430 MHz hand held.
If you extend such a gracious invitation, I will be glad send our schedule
and telephone numbers at two hotels in Paris.  Thank you for your
Please reply via wilder at clark.net.
73, Dick Wilder, K3DI, F/K3DI, C6AHL, ZF2OP
    Ex: 7J1AOE, K3DI/VP9, DL/K3DI, 6Y0A, and W3LPL M/M operator

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