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Wed May 7 09:51:09 EDT 1997

In a message dated 97-05-07 01:19:23 EDT, trey at kkn.net (Trey Garlough)

<< In other words, I am not willing to concede the point that I will
 always tune the left hand radio with my left hand and the right hand
 radio with my right hand over a 48 hour contest weekend.  I feel this
 is a requirement for the "mirror image VFO" scheme to work (for me).

I always tune both radios with my right hand.  I have the T-T 301 remote
tuning knob.  I mounted a mini toggle switch in the 301 box that controls a
bank of three 4PDT relays.  This small toggle switch switches keying, the
computer interface, and the remote tuning knob between radios.  The inactive
radio stays on the frequency last tuned to until I make it active.  This is
very helpful for grabbing needed mults.  Of course, I can still use either
main tuning knob whether the radio is active or not, but most the time, I'll
leave it on a needed station. My left hand roams between radios, mostly using
the pbt and rf gain controls.  I also have two additional mini toggle
switches on the 301 that control A/B antenna selection for each radio.

I like it!    Paul, KB8N 

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