XonTech xtila at netcom.com
Tue May 6 23:43:21 EDT 1997

Ascension Island beckons, so I won't be able to use my Dayton hotel room at 
the Crowne Plaza (aka Stouffer's).  It's a double-double and 100% 
available to anyone (1) interested, (2) deserving, and (3) can cover my 
$128.25 deposit.  Bums need not apply.  Please respond ASAP to my 
e-mail.  And please include your telephone nos.  If you don't hear from 
me, you were too late.  But I'll still be listening for all in the WPX 
code from ZD8Z.  Drop by, please.

                       Vy 73

                                 Jim Neiger

                                 jneiger at xti.com


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