[CQ-Contest] 6 meters in an HF contest?

George C. Cook george at epix.net
Thu May 8 12:55:55 EDT 1997

  Every peice of information that I can find says that 6 meters is a VHF
  Why would anyone even consider including it in an HF contest?
  More so why would anyone consider putting it in a single band contest
  Hey how about the 160/6 meter contest!  Thats a good idea too!  
  Or perhaps adding 20 meters into the VHF contest I like that then I
  participate in 
  a VHF contest and maybe win on a single band entry!
  Yes single band 20 meter in the VHF contest.
  I refuse to subscribe to any sort of consipracy theory but to get on 6
  meters competitively I would:
  1 Need to modify my antenna system
  2 Get an amplifier built for 6 meters
  3 Get a radio for 6 meters
  4 Try to remember the band edges 
  All kinding asside I would definately support a single band 6 meter
  ala the 10 and 160 tests.
  And I might even participate in that one.
  Flames are OK but keep your SPAM to yourself
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