[CQ-Contest] Keyboard and Headset (w/ mic) Tips

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I've been using the Optimus PRO-50MX for over a year now and I would
like to add a few comments.  This headset is a low cost alternative to
the Heil but the major drawback is it makes my ears hurt something
terrible after about 6 hours.  I don't know what it is about the
construction but wearing them is pure torture for me after long periods
of time.  I guess it has something to do with the compressive force
exerted by the headband.  The ear cushions also seem to be very good
insulators and hold in the heat so that doesn't help either.  The mike
element has an impedance of 600 ohms.  I also agree that the high
frequency response of the speaker elements is much too high for contest
work so high frequency filtering is mandatory.  
Like they say, "you get what you pay for."  Guess I'll be looking at the
Heil's at Dayton this year.
Bill Frede  W7II

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(snipped from original post)

Second item is a headset incorporating a microphone from Radio Shack.
It is called the Optimus PRO-50MX.  It looks a lot like the Heil Pro
as far as the type of boom for the mic and the size of the ear pads,
It differs from the Heil in two areas (well three if you count price).
headphones are more hi-fi in their frequency response, whereas the Heils
are more communications.  This allows more hiss to get through from
the radio, probably adding some fatigue--but I have incorporated a hiss
filter in my system so it is a moot point for me.   On the bottom end it
covers more bass frequencies.  I like a very low note on CW so this is 
an advantage.  And I guess I like my headphones' freq response to be 
capable of being tailored by me with external filters rather than having
a pre-tailored, limited-response style.

Same goes for the microphone.  I like the Heil HC-4 element for its
but it's probably preferable to have a flatter mic element and then
tailor the exact response with an external EQ.  The mic in the Radio
is much flatter in freq response--allowing me to EQ it whatever way I
want.  Good news is that the headset is normally $50 and is on sale
at Radio Shack for only $40 (which is 1/3 that of the Heil Pro).   A
clue about who makes the unit is the "KOSS" molded into the 1/8' phone 
connectors.  They sound good on the radio as well as on the stereo.  
Radio Shack part # 33-1135

Sometimes that competitive edge I gain is just how to save a few bucks 
so I can spend it on antennas or how to save some desk space so I
can incorporate other things in the limited area in front of the radios.

73  John W0UN

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