[CQ-Contest] Keyboard and Headset (w/ mic) Tips

Ken N4UK ramirezk at emi.com
Sat May 10 20:12:44 EDT 1997

   Let's not forget about the Azden Boom Mic/Headset.
 It is attractively priced and the Heil element fits PERFECTLY 
in the mic cartridge holder. I have used mine for 2 years now 
and love it! Very comfortable and the audio sounds great!
 73 Ken N4UK

On Sat, 10 May 1997, John Brosnahan <broz at csn.net> wrote:
>>>Same goes for the microphone.  I like the Heil HC-4 element for its 
>>>sound but it's probably preferable to have a flatter mic element and then
>>>tailor the exact response with an external EQ.  The mic in the Radio 
>>>Shack is much flatter in freq response--allowing me to EQ it whatever way I
>>>want.  Good news is that the headset is normally $50 and is on sale
>>>at Radio Shack for only $40 (which is 1/3 that of the Heil Pro).   A 
>>>real clue about who makes the unit is the "KOSS" molded into the 1/8' phone 
>>>connectors.  They sound good on the radio as well as on the stereo.  
>>>Radio Shack part # 33-1135
>>I tried one of these today, without equalizer. The mic has almost
>>no high frequency output. Even with a coupling capacitor as small
>>as .01 uf, and the TS-850's "high boost" turned on, the output
>>sounded mushy. There was no use going below .01 uf, because there
>>was already inadequate audio to properly drive the vox and rig.
>>Heil has nothing to fear from this set, at least not without
>>Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
>Dave is right -- the stock mic element is pretty bassy.  Something that
>wasn't quite so obvious when I ran it through my EQ system.  When I
>went straight into the rig it is obvious that something needs to be done--
>possibly finding another mic element that has a better response.
>Unfortunately the Heil HC-4 element won't fit in the holder.  
>One writer commented that they seemed to make his head hotter than the Heil
>Proset but the ear pads seem to be made of the same material as the Heil's.
>They are a bit smaller and there is more pressure than the Heils so the
>comments about fatigue that were made are also relevant.
>At 1/3 the price they seem like a good deal if you can change the mic element
>or have a sophiticated EQ system, but probably aren't competition to the
>But they do give a calibration point on value.  These are of interest as a
>backup because a Heil Proset broke the other day and was not easily repairable.
>Think I will look around for a mic element that is cheap and small and readily
>available to see if I can convert these headsets into something a little
>73  John  W0UN
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