[CQ-Contest] Keyboard and Headset (w/ mic) Tips

Phil Lefever plefever at isd.net
Sat May 10 19:52:34 EDT 1997

At 09:45 PM 5/9/97 EDT, you wrote:

(Regarding the Optimus PRO-50MX.)

>I tried one of these today, without equalizer. The mic has almost
>no high frequency output. Even with a coupling capacitor as small
>as .01 uf, and the TS-850's "high boost" turned on, the output
>sounded mushy. There was no use going below .01 uf, because there
>was already inadequate audio to properly drive the vox and rig.
>Heil has nothing to fear from this set, at least not without
>Dave Hachadorian, K6LL
>k6ll at juno.com

I also tried one of the Optimus Headsets/boom mics and found it to
be unsuitable. The mic audio was too heavy on the low end and the
wide freq response of the headphones was excessive unless I ran the
DSP. I liked the price though, too bad they didn't work for me.

I purchased a pair of the Azden HS-03 for about the same price
($50) and I have been very pleased. The X-mit audio works with my
voice without EQ and they work well for recieve. A great value 
compaired to the Heil. The only downside is that they are small 
and they don't completely cover the ear. They are basically the same
as the smaller Heil proset without the price.

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