[CQ-Contest] hase Noise

dr. Marko Munih s50k at robo.fe.uni-lj.si
Tue May 13 09:01:19 EDT 1997


I have the same problem from my s50k location when working JA
direction. s50e club contest location is approx 10km on the
other hill-top with direct visibility between us. Last time
when this was happening the other guy used FT990, I think,
my radio is 775. There was no receiving noise from my side
on his radio, while he was constantly up to S8 here. 
Rx attenuation in my case did not help.
Just my oppinion, based on no measurements, says that this is
phase noise of his radio.


Marko s50k

> I have the misfortune of a long-time inactive ham, who lives
> nearby, getting back on the air. He is running a
> Kenwood 570 (I think) and a Butternut vertical, located about 400 ft
> from my tower. We ran some tests over the weekend, and when he's on
> the air (barefoot), I hear an S-5 to S-6 white/hash noise on my
> FT-1000D. When I xmit running 1500W, there is no trace of me on his
> rcvr.

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