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At 08:49 AM 5/11/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I think State QSO Parties are the toughest contests. You're working more of
>the weaker stations, those who don't understand contesting [if I ask for just
>signal report and state, why are you giving me your name?], those
>who don't know the rules, and those who either want to turn it into a ragchew
>want to know how to QSL etc. The closest a "real" contest comes to this is 
>probably Sweepstakes on Sunday afternoon.
>Any ideas on how to make it less tough?

I op'd the Texas qso party the other day and, in addition to the fun and
practice, I treated it as a public relations exercise.  

Let's face it, it was a state qso party!  If someone wanted to ragchew I
talked to to 'em.  If they needed my county I let 'em know that I would
If they needed the rules I told them.  Perhaps on those SS Sunday
these people will remember that and they'll call me (or you) again.

Another thing we did was to operate Multi-op (N3BB/5).  This made it
fun and allowed us to try out a new op or two.

73, Russ--   

russ at inetport.com

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