[CQ-Contest] Where is CQ-Contest going?

Randy Thompson k5zd at ultranet.com
Mon May 12 22:14:37 EDT 1997

When I first subscribed to CQ-Contest almost 4 years ago, it was an incredible 
experience.  Kind of like the late night hospitality suites at Dayton.  Great 
conversation about everything to do with radio contesting -- operating, 
equipment, antennas, propagation, techniques, people networking, etc.  Who 
needed 3830 (or 3752) any more?!

As it stands now, I wonder if success has ruined it.  The score reports are all 
on the 3830 reflector because there were just too many of them.  Then antenna 
discussions split off onto another list.  Now I subscribe to all three, get 
lots of extra non-contest mail, and wonder where I will find time to read 
through everything to find the 'good stuff'.

I don't suggest that CQ-Contest should end.  It is still one of the greatest 
resources contesting has.  Trey has done a fantastic service to the contesting 
community and the growth in radio mailing lists is testament to the value.

Where do we go from here?

A summertime bottom-of-the-cycle discussion thread if there ever was one...

Randy, K5ZD

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