[CQ-Contest] June CQ and QST arrive

henrypol2 at juno.com henrypol2 at juno.com
Thu May 22 03:28:06 EDT 1997

Checked the PO box this afternoon on the way home and found the latest
issues of both CQ and QST along with two of my favorite fishing
magazines.  Also received a colorful brochure from Yaesu on their new
FT920.  Looking forward to reading user comments on this rig!

OK, on with the show.....


Front cover photo of K4MQG in his neat shack with some details on the
Contents page.

Contest related items:  96 CQ WW DX SSB and CW Contest High-Claimed
Scores; Results 1996 CQ WW VHF Contest; The Rotating Box Antenna
(followup to the article from the 1/97 CQ); The EJ7NET Story, A Contest
(IOTA) DXpedition; It Was Big Enough (from "if it stays up, it wasn't
big enough); Contest Calendar column - Calling CQ Field Day; and (for
the new 6 meter contester) Radio Fundamentals column - A Bidirectional 6
Meter Wire Beam (for more on wire beams, check out L.B. Cebik, W4RNL's
web site at <http://funnelweb.utcc.utk.edu/~cebik/radio.html>).

Other interesting items:  VK0IR - 1997 Heard Island DXpedition; Linear
Amplifier Keying Circuit for the IC-706 (just in case you really want to
try high power contesting with this rig!); The R.L. Drake Company; How To
Keep Your Emergency Backup Station Battery Charged; World of Ideas column
- The Fine Arts: CW and Keys, Part II.

Ads:  a new book from CQ titled "33 Simple Weekend Projects" (something
to possibly drag your kids away from the PC or TV?)


Front cover photo of a typical Field Day site complete with tent and
short tower with 3 element yagi.

Contest related items:  Results 96 ARRL November Sweepstakes Phone; So
What's New in the New ARRL Antenna Handbook? (a lot!; got a demo of some
of the software last week when I stopped by ARRL HQ, great stuff!; sure
takes a lot of guess work out of maximizing your contest tower/antenna
configurations); Try a Twelfth-Wave Transformer; Let's Talk Transmission
Lines; Product Review - Ten-Tec Centaur Model 411 HF Linear Amplifier;
The JT1Z Story - Contest DXpedition to Mongolia; and Results 97 ARRL
January VHF Sweepstakes.

Other interesting items:  High-Efficiency Class-E Power Amplifiers, Part
2; New Ham Companion column - picture/description of the famous Battle
Creek Special; Tallyho 6 Meters! (putting those new HF+6 rigs to use);
and Product Reviews - AOR AR7030 Communications Receiver and Radio Shack
Model 21-527 Digital SWR/Power Meter; and more.....

Ads:  Wow!  huge new ad for NCJ; and new ARRL Operating Manual.  Also, a
new (patents issued and pending!) all band (160-10) no-tune antenna called "The 
HOLY GRAIL Antenna".

Henry Pollock - WB4HFL
Raleigh, NC (home of the new NHL Carolina Hurricanes)

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