[CQ-Contest] Optimum Keyer Speed for WPX

Ray Rocker rocker at datasync.com
Mon May 26 15:14:54 EDT 1997

KM0L wrote:
> I, too, dislike the abbreviated numbers. My computer is in shop and I had
> to use my MFJ memory keyer in WPX. It generates the serial numbers using
> abbreviations.

I use the MFJ memory keyer too, and for that reason I send the exchange
by hand when a serial number is involved. I learned this back in SS
after having to repeat the number many times. When I got into the 90s
(NT, N1, N2...bleh!), I gave up on the auto serial numbers altogether.

Speed: I try to vary my CQing speed especially toward the end of
a contest, e.g. alternate fast and slow CQs. That way if someone
is lurking but afraid to answer a high speed CQ they are reassured
that I'll slow down for them. If things aren't moving too fast
I will twist the speed knob to match the speed of each caller.

-- Ray  WQ5L

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