[CQ-Contest] Re: Optimum Keyer Speed for WPX

Randy Thompson k5zd at ultranet.com
Mon May 26 17:50:38 EDT 1997

Jim - I didn't mean to make this a Europe vs US thing.

The point of a contest is to get the information across.  I agree that it is 
much easier to copy if the other guy sends the exchange in the expected format. 
I listen for 5NN and then expect 3 digits.  Unfortunately, K1EA's CT software 
does not include the leading zeroes so you have to put up with only one or two 
digits until the other guy gets over 100!

As for dropping the leading zero in the CQWW exchange, this is not the same. 
 The point of the contest is to exchange the zone number.  Nowhere in the rules 
does it say the 'two-digit' zone number! The way the contest is constructed, it 
almost doesn't matter what the other station sends.  You know what zone they 
will be in (except for UA9's and many W's!).

This is a fun thread.

Randy, K5ZD

On Monday, May 26, 1997 11:05 AM, Jan-Erik Holm [SMTP:JEH at on.mobile.telia.se]
> It is very popular in the states to skip the zeros in the exchange and it 
> gets confusing.
> If someone sends me in WPX CW 5995 instead of 599005 how do I know if
> he means QSO nr or sends the zone by misstake. In CQ WW phone there
> is more and more people geting very cute skipping the zero if they are in
> zones 1 to 9, if I have to send 14 why cant those fellows use 09 forexample.
> In the CQ WW phone case I guess it doesnt add any confusion but in the
> WPX case it sure does.
> In this years WPX CW test I refused to work people not giving a correct
> exchange and I will do so in the future. By the way I will not work any 
> that doesnt give a correct call sign either and I wish more people would
> follow this example, this two-letter stuff is slowely but surely killing ham
> radio.
> Jim SM2EKM

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