[CQ-Contest] 3-500 ZG tubes

Karl-Heinz Merscher Karl-Heinz.Merscher at stud.uni-bayreuth.de
Tue May 27 16:50:37 EDT 1997

Hi contest community:

Who owns RF-Parts tubes? DK4RM is interested in the 3-500 ZG made by/
distributed by RF-Parts. He wants to know whether it is possible to
use the 3-500 ZG without trouble instead of the original EIMAC 3-500
Z? Are there any restrictions? How much drive is necessary to get the
same output as the EIMAC 3-500 Z? Where are the RF-Parts 3-500 ZG
manufactured in (russia or china)? How about the reliability of the
RF-Parts 3-500 ZG compared to the original EIMAC 3-500 Z?

Thanks in advance!



Xaver Meyer

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